Angel Ball 2019: CLC Global Advisors Will Be There, Will You?

By August 5, 2019 Events
Angel Ball 2019 Carole Crist

On October 28th, 2019, Cipriani Wall Street, New York City will host the signature fundraising event of Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation and CLC Global Advisors along with our CEO, Carole Crist, will be in attendance, will you?

About Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation

Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation is built on the memory of Gabrielle Rich Aouad. Gabrielle grew up in Switzerland and in 1991, she moved to New York where she joined the NYU intensive film program and met her future husband! Unfortunately, at the young age of 23, Gabrielle was diagnosed with advanced-stage Hodgkin’s disease. After months of painful treatment, Gabrielle was finally in remission and married the love of her life, Philip Aouad.

Gabrielle studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute and went on to star in eight plays and seven movies including “The Chase” starring Charlie Sheen and “Savage Hearts” starring Richard Harris. She even wrote her own screenplay!

Unfortunately, in mid-1996 Gabrielle was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia. As she had before, she fought hard through her treatments and went into remission. It was during this remission that Gabrielle’s mother, Denise, donated her own bone marrow to save her daughter’s life.

It was Gabrielle’s final wish to create a leukemia foundation dedicated to raising money to invest in research for better leukemia treatments. She wanted to spare others the pain she, herself, had suffered during her own treatments.

Although Gabrielle passed away in the fall of 1996 at just 27 years old, Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation continues in her honor and memory.

About the Angel Ball 2019

The Angel Ball is the signature fundraising event of Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation. With an audience of close to 1000 high net-worth supporters, influencers, philanthropists, executives, and celebrities, it’s an event dedicated to the celebration of life and the quest for a cure.

It is the honor of CLC Global Advisors and CEO Carole Crist to be attending the Angel Ball event on October 28th of this year. We hope to see many generous people showing up in memory of a beautiful woman and to support her dream that will someday improve the lives of the 1,399,180 people in the US are either currently living with, or are in remission from, leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma today (LLS.Org) and those who have yet to be diagnosed.

Would You Like to Join CLC Global Advisors and Carole Crist?

Would you like to join CLC Global Advisors and Carole Crist at the Angel Ball 2019? You can sign up to join the event on the Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation website.

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