Business Advising: How CLC Advisors Can Help With Marketing, Branding and Consulting

By June 19, 2019 General

At CLC Advisors we specialize in providing business advising services that facilitate innovation and impact in the technology and real estate development sectors. We accomplish this via the leadership of the former First Lady of Florida, Carole Crist.

Carole, an accomplished businesswoman, is driven by her 10 years in the world of public service along with her 25 years as an international entrepreneur. It is this experience that allows CLC Advisors to utilize a vast global network of strategic partners when providing your business with marketing, branding, and consulting solutions.

How Can CLC Advisors Business Advising Services Help Your Company?

Now that you have a brief introduction of who CLC Advisors are and what we do, you may be wondering how we can help you. Allow us to elaborate…


A huge driving force behind what we do here at CLC Advisors is the idea of making an impact. By working with a global network of unique companies, thought leaders, industry experts, and innovators, we help your company to make an impact and influence the lives of people all around the world.

We create a marketing and branding approach for you that – while unique to your company – speaks to your clients on a global level with a message of community and social development.

How do we make this happen? Our networking partners are socially aware, innovative organizations with a focus on making the world a better place. By facilitating a relationship between these partners and your company, we are able to recast your brand in a socially responsible light and market your business in a fashion that encourages clients to have the same kind of impact on the world around them. Not only does this result in a positive shift in how people view your company, but it also causes a shift in general social values, hence why we refer to it as “impact marketing”.


In addition to impactful marketing, CLC Advisors help your business to grow through innovation. There’s simply no denying that the business world (and the rest of it too!) are evolving at a pace that is absolutely mind-blowing. With new technology being produced at such a speed, it’s important for any business to be able to keep up with this pace and to make use of current innovations in the branding and marketing of their company.

CLC Advisors often collaborates with innovative businesses that are seeking to make change through their innovations. By making use of these contacts while working with your company, we are able to help your business to grow through the implementation of these industry innovations. This also gives us the opportunity to support the efforts of those organizations that are dedicated to the development of novel, impactful, and often life-altering solutions.


Impact and innovation are certainly two of the biggest components of what we do here at CLC business advising solutions, but they wouldn’t be influential on your business at all if our services weren’t personalized.

Whereas some companies that specialize in marketing, branding, and consulting utilize the same templated approach with each of their clients, CLC Advisors knows better. If your company is to make a change…well, you have to start with change. Taking the same old tired approach to marketing a business in today’s economic and social climate spells disaster and casts your company in a light that can be difficult to step out of. At CLC Advisors, we can take your company image and through the assistance of our various niche-specific strategic partners, we can not only make your company appear to be an impactful and innovative company, but we can also actually make it so.

Few consulting firms offer such personalized service because it requires a level of dedication that just isn’t as profitable to them as dealing with mass quantities of clients. At CLC Advisors, however, we believe that there is more to be had by encouraging impactful business – business that will change lives and innovative business – business that will change the world than there is to be had from factory farming marketing schemes in an unexceptional way.

Which business are you more likely to remember? The one that offers a relevant, unique, and impactful marketing campaign, or the one that uses the same tired approach to marketing like every other niche-similar business?

Why Trust Your Brand to CLC Advisors Business Advising Services?

We can hear you asking already: “but why CLC Advisors? Surely there are other companies out there that can provide the same services, why not choose one of them?”

Our answer to this question begins with one short statement – “They don’t have Carole Crist”. It is the leadership of the former first lady of Florida that makes CLC Advising different to those other marketing companies out there. It is Carole’s personal experience and relationships with organizations like the United Nations. SDGs and ESG-directed efforts and her experience with specific industry innovators, that makes our company something more. We are not your traditional marketing and consulting firm that draws up ideas on paper or simply generates computer algorithms, we are a company that implements a hands-on approach in creating a unique and lasting reminder to your clients of who you are.

Is Your Business in Need of Business Advising Services?

Is your business in need of business advising services and does CLC Advisors sound like a good match for you? If so, we encourage you to reach out and connect with us through our CLC Advisors contact page or via phone at 917.226.3961.