Carole Crist Philanthropy – 3 Causes Carole Champions

By February 16, 2022 Philanthropy
Carole Crist Philanthropy

To Carole Crist, philanthropy has always played a major role in the projects that she undertakes, but there are some charitable causes in particular that are near and dear to Carole’s heart including the support of women in business, supporting cancer research, and supporting American veterans.

Carole Crist Philanthropy – 3 Causes Carole Champions

Supporting charitable organizations and promoting social change have long been an integral part of Carole’s personal philosophy, but for a while now, they have also become part of Carole’s approach to business. Although there are many charitable organizations and causes that are close to Carole’s heart, the three mentioned above have always held a special place in Carole’s heart.

Women in Business

As a woman in business and a woman in a position of influence, Carole has long championed the support of women in business. From providing a role model to other women who aspire to run their own business, to supporting women-owned businesses, Carole continues to speak out for the women who are still struggling to break through the glass ceiling! 

Many of Carole’s current and past events have centered on women in business and what everyone can do to improve the world for women in industry!

Cancer Research

Another cause that is important to Carole is the support of cancer research. One event in particular that Carole channeled her energy into was The Angel Ball in New York. The event wa not just successful, it was record breaking with an amazing $30 million+ raised for cancer research! 

Carole has also spent time in Palm Beach raising funds for ovarian cancer research and spreading awareness about ovarian cancer.

Supporting American Veterans

In addition to promoting cancer awareness and raising funds for cancer research while also supporting women in business, Carole spends time supporting American veterans. Interest in the support of American veterans is something that Carole shared with her ex-husband and Florida congressman, Charlie Crist. Congressman Crist has long made it a point to offer support to U.S. veterans and promote awareness of veteran- affairs and concerns with the current treatment of U.S. veterans. One of the most significant projects congressman Crist undertook was Crist’s Veteran’s Treatment Courts Act. The Veteran’s Treatment Courts provide counseling, care, and support for veterans who need treatment rather than forcing them to face the criminal justice system.

Carole shares her former husband’s concern for U.S. veterans and has made it a point to promote veterans affairs and support efforts towards improving quality of life and the caliber of service our veterans receive.

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