CLC Global Investors: How Carole Crist Can Help You to Achieve Success

By August 21, 2019 General
CLC Global Investors

We here at CLC Global Investors know a little something about what it takes to build and run a successful company. Over the years with the guidance of our founder, Carole Crist, we have helped a number of companies to achieve success as well as truly make a positive impact on various communities and the environment. Today we want to talk a little bit about how we can help you.

CLC Global Investors: How Carole Crist Can Help You to Achieve Success

Growth Funding Advisors

It is not uncommon for companies (particularly newer companies) to require cash injections in order to keep up with unexpected demand for production or to move to a larger facility to accommodate unanticipated growth. There are a few options for obtaining the funds necessary for this type of expansion (we talked about the various types of investors last week), but as a newer business, it can be difficult determining which type of cash infusion is best for your business. Fortunately, here at CLC Global, we have the experience necessary to help you to decide which type of investment would be best for your company. Even better than that, though, we can draw on our own pool of financial resources and contacts to be sure that you get the perfect investor for your needs.

Obtaining Discrete Investors

Speaking of drawing on financial resources for investments, CLC’s founder Carole Crist has a huge global network of contacts who trust Carole’s judgment when it comes to making their investments. These discrete investors are actively seeking to invest funds in companies that are dedicated to making an impact on the community and the environment. Why is discretion important? Because it means that you can trust that these investors are going to keep your business plans to themselves and it also means that you run no risk of bias from potential consumers as a result of your business affiliations.

Impact Investment Successes

If there is one thing that CLC Global specializes in its impact investments. In particular, Carole Crist has an interest in disruptive technologies, healthcare innovation, and medicinal cannabis. During her career, Carole has spent a good deal of time championing causes within these niches and this has resulted in growth in her network of contacts. These contacts are, like Carole, dedicated to change and this makes them the perfect candidates for investing in your firm when you have a similar focus.

The Importance of Philanthropy

For an impact-driven company, it’s important to be seen actively participating in charity events, galas, and other occasions dedicated to your cause. Showing your face lets potential investors know that you are truly interested in your cause and not just out for an investment to increase your profits. With CLC Global Investors and Carole on your side, you will be invited to attend more of these events and you will also have doors opened to your company that were not open before.

Not only are these events a great opportunity to obtain funds, for they are also a chance for you to get your own company name and products out there. The increased exposure that these events offer is more than just a chance to pitch your business, it’s a chance to network. For example, while you may not find the right investor for your company at an event, talking about your company and your mission will send attendees of the event home with an idea of who you are. These attendees may then contact their own network of resources, contacts, and investors to ensure that you get the resources that you need to succeed.


One of the most important things that CLC Global Investors offers to clients is the guidance that every company needs. As an experienced business owner as well as the former wife of a political figure, Carole Crist has business, marketing, investing, and philanthropic experience. By putting this experience to work for you, Carole gives you a significant advantage over your competitors not only by offering her own expertise but by reaching out to her immense list of global contacts who can offer you assistance as well!

Interested in What CLC Global Investors Can Do For You?

If you’re interested in finding out more about what CLC Global Investors and Carole Crist can do for you, give us a call today at 305-467-3432, or drop us a note through our website contact form and we’ll get in touch!