Effective Marketing: 7 Things You Need to Know to Succeed

By August 28, 2019 General
effective marketing

Effective marketing is critical in order for any business to succeed. This is something that we here at the leading strategic advisory group, CLC Global Advisors, know well. CLC Global Advisors and our founder Carole Crist have long been devoted to a mission of harnessing and driving “capital with a conscience” and today we are sharing a few of our effective marketing tips for success.

Effective Marketing: 7 Things You Need to Know to Succeed

1. Know Your Company, Know Your Product, Know Your Pitch

In order to market your company (both to investors and to consumers), you need to really know who you are, what you do, and why you do it. Asking someone else to invest their hard-earned money into a business or product that you can’t quickly and concisely explain yourself is never going to end well.

Try answering each of these questions and use the answers to create a concise summary of your company or product.

  • What does your company or product do?
  • Why do people need your product or company?
  • How were you motivated to create your product or company?

So, for example, you may say:

“CLC Global Advisors facilitates the growth of impact and innovation-driven business. The company grew out of a personal desire to improve global communities while still achieving the American dream of owning a profitable business.”

2. Be Hands-On

Everything these days is automated, but when it comes down to it, investors and consumers both still desire that personal touch. So, make sure that you have that human element to your company presence to contribute to the social media discussions, answer consumer questions, and keep investors “in the loop”.

3. Don’t Quit While You’re Ahead

A common mistake by companies running marketing campaigns is to quit marketing themselves once they’ve reached a point of “success”. This comes from a belief that once a company or product hits that point of “success” it will remain there. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. With so many other companies jockeying for that same spotlight, marketing a company or product is an ongoing project that requires constant tweaking. End that marketing campaign and you lose the progress that you spent the last campaign earning.


You can market a product until the cows come home, but if that product doesn’t meet the needs of your consumers or spark an interest in your investors, you’re never going to own a profitable business. Use data gathered during your marketing efforts to make adjustments when necessary so that your company or product is more appealing to those who matter.

5. Keep An Eye On Your Competition

Often times people will tell you to keep your head down and work hard on your own business without worrying what the “other guy” is doing. This doesn’t apply when it comes to business. You should ALWAYS keep an eye on your competitors. Know how they are marketing their products and whether their approach seems to be more or less successful than your own. Use this information to tweak your own marketing campaigns to create a more profitable business.

6. Don’t Just “Go With It”

You should never “ride the wave” when it comes to your business strategy and overall business plan. Not only is this irresponsible because it creates an uncertain future for your company and it’s employees, but it’s also a great way to lose the interest of your consumers. You should always know what is coming next and you should always keep your consumers on the edge of their seats as you tease its upcoming release.

7. Read Journals, Blogs, Articles, Newspapers

The digital age in which we live means that marketing techniques are constantly changing. Successful businesses are able to stay on top of this dynamic environment and make changes to their marketing strategies as soon as they occur. Unless you keep up to date on these changes too, you’re going to find your company gets left in the dust and your consumers will very quickly migrate to your competition.

Use the web to your advantage and find journals, blogs, articles, and newspapers that feature industry-specific information and check them regularly. Keep an eye out for current trends as well as upcoming changes in technology that could affect the success of your marketing campaigns.

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