Future of Investing: Where Will You Be Investing Your Money?

By October 2, 2019 General
future of investing

Any good investment advisor will tell you that the future of investment growth lies in portfolio diversity. As times change, though, that diversity is becoming a little more confusing. This is where having an investment advisor on your side can be exceptionally beneficial.

Future of Investing: Where Will You Be Investing Your Money?

A diverse investment portfolio used to be a little simpler consisting of stocks, bonds, money market accounts, CD’s…but in an age of rapidly evolving technology, there are new and emerging investment opportunities that make diversifying a little more complicated. Of course, a wider range of investment opportunities means more potential, but if you are unfamiliar with a particular niche of investment, it can make things a little confusing.

As an experienced investment advisor, Carole Crist and her team of global experts at CLC Global Advisors frequently assist high-profile clientele when it comes to understanding these newer investment opportunities. Today Carole is going to share a little of her advice for investment portfolio diversification and how these newer investment niches can benefit you.

Why Opt For Non-Traditional Investments?

No one is saying that you shouldn’t invest in traditional investments, however, with the rapidly evolving technology of today and the global shift towards activism, the potential in impact investing and disruptive technology cannot be ignored. It’s advisable to add to the diversification of your investment portfolio by including these non-traditional investments rather than shift from traditional investing completely. We’re going for diversity and potential with newer investments, but it’s always a good idea to keep those traditional investments in your back pocket because there is some degree of risk involved with less traditional opportunities.

What Exactly Are Non-Traditional Investments?

Firstly, it’s important to note here that we are not talking about non-traditional funds investments, we are talking about investing in novel technology, new business development, healthcare innovation, cryptocurrency, etc. We refer to these as non-traditional in the most basic sense of the word – they are not what most people think of when considering investing their funds.

At CLC Global Advisors we focus on strategic consulting, business development, and marketing services associated with opportunity zones, disruptive technologies, healthcare innovation, and philanthropy. We chose these areas of focus not only because of the incredible opportunity for growth, but because they allow investors to give back to society and to the environment.

Is Impact Investing a New Concept?

You’ll notice that we mention “impact investing” frequently and while it’s certainly not a new concept, it is one that is just now beginning to bloom. The idea of investing in a business that holds considerable potential for social and environmental change while also profiting has not been much of a consideration in decades past. There was either philanthropy or business, but the idea of combining both seemed ludicrous. As industries and technology have advanced, however, the concept of having an impact on the world AND profiting from an investment has become less absurd. We live in a time where our technological capabilities are enabling us to truly make a difference in the world and these technologies are so refined that they can, for example, provide better irrigation in third world countries to improve crop production while also increase crop production in “first world” countries too. There is an impact and there is profit. Or perhaps providing a microloan to a small business dedicated to global environmental change. The investment helps to get the business off the ground and impact the environment and the terms of your loan dictate your profit from the transaction.

There are many ways that you can take advantage of impact investing and investing in modern technology and each one offers a unique investment return that won’t be found in your average stock investment.

Need Direction in Your Future of Investing?

Former First Lady of Florida, Carole Crist, is the Founder & CEO of CLC Global Advisors, which specializes in “Impact Investing”. With “Capital with a Conscience” as the guiding principle, her firm offers strategic consulting, business development and marketing services with a focus on opportunity zones, disruptive technologies, healthcare innovation, and philanthropy.

As a highly experienced political strategist and businesswoman, Crist and her team of global experts work with a select group of clients, offering a highly-personalized approach to effective marketing, branding and consulting in order to help companies achieve their goals. If you feel that Christ and CLC Global Advisors could be of benefit to you, just give us a call today at 305-467-3432.