Impact Investing Firms Share Impact Investment Answers

By October 16, 2019 General
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If you’re new to impact investing, you may be seeking out impact investing firms who can help you by answering your questions about the process. Today, as the top impact investment firm, we here at CLC Global Advisors we wanted to share some of these answers with you…

Impact Investing Firms Share Impact Investment Answers

Does an Impact Investment Mean That I Sacrifice Profits?

Most investors make their investments based on the potential of profit. It used to be that there were two options for investments, you either make those profits or you contribute to “good”. With the boom in impact investment opportunities, however, it’s become possible to both make a profit from your investment and to have an impact on society and the environment. In fact, researchers have shown that impact investments tend to generate profits that are equal to or that exceed the profits generated from traditional investments.

How Do I know What Type of Impact My Investment is Having?

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of impact investing, you may believe that making an impact investment leaves you to guess as to how much of an impact your investment is having. This is untrue. One of the requirements of impact investing is that there is a measured impact, that is an impact that can be quantified in some way, shape, or form.

Do I Have to Be an Expert in Impact Investing to Make an Impact Investment?

Not at all. Plenty of individuals make impact investments without having expert knowledge about impact investing. The way that they do this is by working with impact investment advisors like our team here at CLC Global Advisors. Advisors can listen to your desires for your investment capital and help to match you with the ideal impact investment opportunity so that you make the most profit on your investment while impacting an area of social or environmental change that is important to you. A reputable impact investor can even help you to diversify multiple impact investments to create a well-rounded portfolio that impacts many areas of social and environmental change.

How Do I Direct My Advisor When Making Impact Investments?

It can feel as though you’re expected to give your investment advisor direction as to where you want to invest your funds and while this is something that you can do, you may feel as though you lack the knowledge needed to give this type of direction. A reputable and knowledgeable impact investment advisor can talk to you about the things that are important to you and use that information to advise you on making an investment that’s a good match for you. For example, while talking with your advisor, you may reveal that you have a family member with a medical condition. Your advisor will pick up on this information and use it to recommend investing in healthcare innovation. So you don’t necessarily have to know anything about the opportunities in impact investing that are available to you, not if you have a good impact investment advisor on your side.

Why Should I Choose CLC Global Advisors?

You may be asking yourself why you should choose CLC Global Advisors over other impact investment advisors. This is a good question to ask and one that you should ask of every impact investment advising company that you are considering.

At CLC Global Advisors, we specialize in impact investments, unlike other companies that simply offer impact investing as an added service in their portfolio. In addition, CLC Global Advisors has the benefit of having the former first lady of Florida, Carole Crist, as it’s founder and CEO. This allows us to leverage Carole’s vast global network and work with a select group of clients to offer a highly-personalized approach to effective marketing, branding and consulting in order to help companies and firms achieve their goals.

Screening Impact Investing Firms to Advise You on Your Investments?

If you’re searching for an impact investment firm to advise you on your investments and to answer questions that you might have, Carole Crist and CLC Global Advisors can help.  To find out how just give us a call today at 305-467-3432.