Impact Investing, Park Magazine and The First Lady of Florida Carole Crist

By October 27, 2021 General
Impact Investing

At the end of September of this year, Park magazine published an article highlighting impact investing and Carole Crist’s network and fundraising efforts.

Impact Investing, Park Magazine and The First Lady of Florida Carole Crist

The Park Magazine article that was published on September 21st, 2021, notes Carole’s position as the former first lady of Florida and her many accomplishments in her private and public life. It is through all of her experience in these positions that Carole has had the opportunity to impact change in communities of the underserved and impoverished. 

The article begins with a little of Crist’s personal life, recounting her Georgetown University business degree, her New York past but her current residence in Fisher Island, Florida, and her experience taking over the reigns of the family Halloween company. For twenty-five years, Carole ran the one-hundred-year-old family business. During this time, she also built a global private jet company. 

Throughout her experiences, Carole was led to the concept of impact investing. As Carole learned more about impact investing – investing in businesses to advance a social agenda and expand opportunities for those in need. These opportunities generally fall into the technology niche. Investing in disruptive technologies is beneficial for investors because they not only give users the opportunity to promote social change while also generating returns on their investment. 

Carole’s experience in impact investing led to the development of her company CLC Global Advisors – their slogan being “Capital with a Conscience.” CLC Global Advisors works with a select group of prominent investors whose objective is to invest their capital into and build up businesses that have a meaningful impact around the globe. Carole emphasizes the importance of giving investors the opportunity to choose where to invest their money and consequently, which social changes to support.

CLC Global Advisors is Carole’s current major project, but her foremost focus in investing has long been the advancement and support of women in business. One of the reasons for this focus is the incredible statistic that Carole often cites – only two percent of venture capital dollars go to supporting companies that are founded by women. 

In her quest to advance women in the business world, Carol has been working directly with investors to promote the support of female-owned businesses, but to also raise awareness about just how much of a discrepancy there is between venture capital investments into female-owned businesses. Carole not only cites the two percent statistic, but she also notes that businesses that are founded by women have shown to be more successful than a business startup founded by men. 

Carole Crist cites elevating women as her highest calling and she notes the particular importance of fueling success for women in the technology sector. It is not only investing in female founded businesses that appeals to Carole, though, she also enjoys assisting female investors who are interested in investing in businesses that focus on impacting the community.

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