Lilly Ledbetter Movie – Carole Crist Assists With Movie Production

By November 18, 2021 General
Lilly Ledbetter Movie

The Lilly Ledbetter movie is Carole Crist’s latest passion project and today she is inviting you to share in this incredible opportunity as she assists in movie production!

Lilly Ledbetter Movie – Carole Crist Assists With Movie Production

Carole Crist has always been an advocate for impactful investments, but more recently, a lot of her focus has been on women-owned businesses and helping to boost those women into the spotlight to get them the recognition and opportunity that they deserve. 

Recently, Carole was approached about the Lilly Ledbetter movie. This special impact project sheds light on the life and struggles of Lilly Ledbetter.

Lilly Ledbetter is a female American activist who was born in 1938 and who spent a great deal of her life fighting to close the wage gap between men and women in the workplace. A true American hero, Lilly Ledbetter spent ten years of her life fighting to close the wage gap, facing up against the Supreme Court and lobbying Capitol Hill as she took her employer – Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company on in a landmark discrimination case.

Lilly Ledbetter wound up winning the wage discrimination lawsuit and being awarded some $3 million by the jury in the case. The Supreme court would go on to overturn that verdict. Determined to fight for her cause, Ledbetter pushed back against the Supreme Court. It would not be until January 29, 2009 that President Obama would overturn the Supreme Court ruling. This was actually the first law that Obama signed in as the president – The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act specifically overturned the Supreme Court’s decision in Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Inc., 550 U.S. 618 (2007). The Supreme Court decision restricted how long someone had to file complaints of employment discrimination concerning compensation. The act also noted that each time there was pay discrimination in a paycheck, it would count as a new offense.

The story of Lilly Ledbetter is now being told in a motion picture by producer Mr. Todd Harris. The movie is in the final phase of raising funds. 

You may also have read in the New York Post, that actress Meryl Streep has been working behind-the-scenes as the film’s “Godmother”. She has been instrumental in bringing Lilly’s incredible story to the big screen.

Carole Crist has already made a personal investment in the film, but she encourages any impact investors out there to step forward and support the film while also supporting women’s rights. Carole also notes that she can arrange a personal call with the movie’s producer if you have any questions about the movie before making your contribution or investment!

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