Shared Prosperity: The Milken Institute’s 22nd Annual Global Conference

By June 19, 2019 General

Shared prosperity was the topic of focus for this year’s Milken Institute 22nd annual global conference and CLC Global Advisors were thrilled to be in attendance.

From Sunday, April 28th through to Wednesday, May 1st, investors, innovators, and successful CEO’s gathered to share their insight and strategy on driving shared prosperity with a focus on building meaningful lives.

Among those in attendance at the conference in addition to Carole Crist of CLC Global Advisors were:

Alex Rodriguez, Founder, and CEO of the A-Rod Corp and 2009 World Series Champion with the New York Yankees.

Dino Patti Djalal, founder of the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia and Ed Royce, Policy Director for Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck and Former Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Jim Messina, CEO of The Messina Group, Obama 2012 Campaign Manager, and International Political Consultant.

Shared Prosperity: Topics of Note During the 2019 Milken Institute’s Global Conference

Over the five-day conference in Beverly Hills, California, speakers from leading organizations and every business niche imaginable spoke on their vision and strategy for achieving goals while building meaningful lives. Some of these topics included:

·        Making capital work and driving shared prosperity.

·        The evolution of global capital markets.

·        The digitally savvy and environmentally conscious consumer of the future.

·        Getting more from biomedical innovation.

·        Tactics to solidify philanthropists’ personal visions for impact.

·        Maximizing the impact of opportunity zone investments.

·        Mission-driven opportunities and mainstream investors.

·        Taking stock of opportunity zones.

·        The reinvention of financial services.

·        The Impact of women over 60 on traditional media, movie, and political power structures.

·        Ethical choices and artificial intelligence advances.

·        Promoting meaningful and impactful lives for military veterans.

Many of the highlights of the conference can be viewed on the Milken website via their live stream video files.

The Importance of the Shared Prosperity Topics Covered During the 2019 Milken Institute’s Global Conference

To some, the idea of a five-day conference packed from 6 am to 11 pm with receptions, roundtables, and speakers may seem overwhelming but for us here at CLC Global Advisors, it was an opportunity to benefit from the experience of diversely experienced professionals and develop new responsive and impactful investment strategies to benefit our clients.

The conference wasn’t only about building business strategy, however, it was also a chance to hear how others are utilizing their resources to share prosperity and make an impact around the world. For example, the “Military Leadership Circle: Bridging the Civilian-Military Divide” focused on how veterans, corporate executives, and government and non-profit leaders could pull together to develop opportunities for military veterans to build meaningful careers and lives. The “Toward a Healthier Future” focused on pressing issues in the prevention, treatment, and care in health and medical research and how more effective health solutions can create a healthier world for all. And the “Reinventing Financial Services” focused on the successful integration of new technology into the financial services sector to push financial inclusion and open trade.

As you can see, the sheer diversity of topics covered in just five days certainly warranted a 6 am to 11 pm schedule! Despite the long hours, however, CLC Global Advisors was able to walk away with experience, knowledge, and a network of connections that share a common goal – sharing prosperity to build meaningful lives globally.

Why Shared Prosperity Was the Topic of Discussion at the Global Conference

Each year, the Milken Institute builds their conference on a theme related to “building meaningful lives” and one of the best ways to go about building a meaningful life is to share prosperity. Not only does sharing prosperity build meaningful lives for those who benefit from it, but it prompts them to seek out a way to make a difference in the world as well. It’s about making a difference.

How CLC Global Advisors Can Help You to Make A Difference

At CLC Global Advisors, we don’t just want you to watch as others step into the future of business and industry, we want you to step forward as well. Our unique and custom-tailored approach to business advising combined with our incredible network of strategic partners allows us to make this possible.

If you would like to know more about how CLC Global Advisors can help your business to build meaningful lives and share prosperity while expanding your growth, reach out to us via phone at 917.226.3961 today!