Sustainable Development Goals: Carole Collaborates With UN HABITAT

By November 11, 2021 General
sustainable development goals

Sustainable development goals are a set of seventeen global goals that were set up in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly. The purpose of the SDG’s is to create a better, more sustainable world for the future of the human race. The idea behind the sustainable development goals is to achieve all seventeen global goals by 2030. The SDG goals are founded on the principle of “leaving no one behind” and they emphasize a holistic approach to achieving sustainable development for all.

The SDG Plan

The SDG plan is focused on “clean, green innovative solutions & initiatives to build cities around the world that are not only de-risked, profitable investments, but also have the highest possible social impact.” As important as sustainability and positive social impact are to Carole, it is no surprise that she has honed in on working with UN HABITAT.

UN HABITAT is focused on creating a better urban future by adapting cities for climate resilience by “leveraging technology, innovation & cooperation to achieve more sustainable & higher standards of living for Americans in need & others around the world.” (Source.)

On Saturday, October 30th, Carole held a speaking appointment entitled “Fire-side chat with Carole Crist” during the during this same SDG Cities Global virtual conference which ran from October 29th to October 31st. The topic of the chat focused on the UN HABITAT  goal of sustainability. Carole cited the climate risks that cities around the world currently face and the current population changes. During her talk, Carole highlighted the need for increased financial support to build the infrastructure needed for such development to take place. During her talk, Carole discussed how global cities can build a fair and robust financing system to attract sources of financing. As the need for financing increases, Carole questioned what type of propositions the city could make to attract further investment. 

Some of the figures that Carole and her cohorts shared during this conference are amazing, for example:

  • 55 percent of the world’s population lives in urban areas.
  • Over the next 30-days there are 2.5 billion additional urban residents expected to move into the area.

Cities around the world have already begun to report progress in their sustainable development goals through implementing voluntary local review. This promotion of collaborative review across various  boundaries has led to certification of collaborative cities naming them as SDG Cities.

During the virtual conference, speakers came together to explore the collaborative actions can support these SDG cities and accelerate the achievement of SDG status on a larger scale.

As a speaker at the virtual conference, Carole was featured in multiple segments including:

Investing in Urban Impact from 13:15-15:15 on October 20th.

SDG Cities Way Forward from 13:30-14:30 on October 31st.

Do You Have Questions of Comments About Sustainable Development Goals?

If you have questions about sustainable development goals, why not get in touch with Carole to see how you can invest in SDG efforts and support your local sustainable development efforts.