What is Impact Investing? And Other Important Questions

By December 28, 2021 General
What is Impact Investing? And Other Important Questions

One of the most important things that is near and dear to Carole Crist‘s heart is impact investing. Carole strives to have a positive impact with everything she does, but when it comes to investing, Carole wants to encourage more people to invest in opportunities that make an impact and create a better world. 

What is Impact Investing? And Other Important Questions

Q: What is Impact Investing?

A: Impact investing refers to investments made with the intention of having a positive, measurable social and environmental impact while also generating a financial return. Although impact investing is Carole’s forte, many people who want to invest in businesses, don’t even know that impact investing exists, so she has made it her priority to educate investors everywhere. 

Many newcomers to impact investing find it helpful to hear examples of impact investing in action, so let’s look at a couple…

An investor who invests in a wind energy farm – that investment is contributing to a better world by funding renewable energy sources, but that investor is also earning money from their investment, too.

Another example of an impact investor would be an investor who invests in rebuilding a rundown community. That investment is not only rebuilding the community to make it look better, but they are also empowering people within that community by creating a better living situation, creating new jobs, and re-igniting hope for those people living there.

Q: Why Do People Make Impact Investments?

A: Impact investments may be a new thing to many people, but for those who are familiar with the concept, it is an appealing one because it gives them a chance to make an investment that promises financial returns, but they are also investing into these opportunities because there is an opportunity to make a difference. Impact investors are driven to change the world around them for the better and if there is a chance to make a difference while also earning a return on their investment, it seems almost too good to be true!

Q: Is Impact Investing Too Good to Be True?

A: No. So long as impact investors work only with trusted professionals within the impact investing industry, impact investing is real. If you are new to impact investing and interested in making your own investment, it is always advisable to speak with a professional go-between who already has a list of high profile clients and who is seasoned in the ins and outs of impact investments! Carole herself happens to be one such go between!

Don’t get us wrong, there are always scam artists out there waiting to take advantage of investors, which is why it is crucial that you only work with a seasoned middle-man who has a reputation that you can trust. Making any type of investment is a risk, but you don’t want to make it anymore of a risk than it has to be. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of only working with someone who has a standing reputation and who is recommended within the impact investment community. 

Q: Is Impact Investing Limited to Specific Niches?

A: No. Although you will see more impact investment opportunities in specific areas depending on where you live and even who you are working with to make your investment, there are impact investment opportunities in virtually every industry out there!

If you have a specific interest when it comes to investing, it is worthwhile doing your research to see what opportunities there are to invest in in that niche and, if you are so inclined – whether there is a middle man near to you who specializes in that area of investing.

Q: What Kind of Impact Investing is Carole Interested In?

A: Carole loves the idea of impact investing as a whole, but there are some areas in particular that interest Carole. One of the biggest impact investment niches that Carole supports herself is that of women in business. As a female entrepreneur herself, Carole understands the struggles that many women in business face and how difficult it is for female entrepreneurs to break in to many businesses that are still so male dominated. Over the years, Carole has made her own impact investments in various niches, but regardless of the diversity of her investments, Carole always has her eye on supporting fellow women in business! 

Q: How Much Do I Have to Put Into an Impact Investment?

A: Like any investment, the amount of your impact investment depends greatly upon what you are investing in and the terms of your investment. Of course, the fine details will be disclosed and agreed upon before any investment is made! 

Want to Know More About Impact Investing?

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