Women in Leadership Facts: More Stats That You Should Know

By December 16, 2021 General
Women in Leadership Facts

The last time we shared women in leadership facts, many of you were amazed at the statistics that we shared, so today we are sharing a few more important statistics that everyone should know about women in leadership.

Women in Leadership Facts: More Stats That You Should Know

Women in Leadership Facts You Need to Know!

1. In the United States, there are 12.3 million women-owned businesses (Source,) by supporting those businesses and the women that run them, you are supporting a minority owned business and strengthening a female business owner. When you support a female business owner, you are not just supporting that woman, you are also supporting other women who someday hope to run their own businesses! You know how the saying goes – empowered women, empower women!

2. There are 114% more women entrepreneurs than there were 20 years ago (Source,) This statistic is truly incredible and empowering for any female entrepreneur! In twenty years, the number of female entrepreneurs has grown by 114% and in funding, investing in, and supporting female owned businesses, you are helping to increase that number even more so twenty more years from now, that number of female entrepreneurs will be double, triple, or quadruple what it is today!

3. Women-owned businesses added half a million jobs between 1997 and 2007 (Source,) This number has continued to grow over the past decade plus, and we are hopeful that in supporting female entrepreneurs by investing in unique businesses and business opportunities, we can not only increase the number of female owned businesses, but we can also increase the number of jobs created by those female owned businesses.

4. Women receive just 7% of venture funds for their startups (Source,) This is a statistic that we can’t get our heads around, but it is a statistic that we can improve by supporting female owned businesses by investing in them, promoting them, shopping from them, and encouraging women who are starting up new businesses to seek funding for their startup businesses. The funding is out there and people like Carole play a significant role in raising awareness to this lack of funding for female businesses. 

5. Female entrepreneurs ask for roughly $35,000 less in business financing than men (Source,) This is a statistic to consider when you are thinking about investing in a new entrepreneurial venture. Female business owners ask for significantly less funding when seeking business financing than men who are also seeking financing for their startup businesses. 

6. Overall, men receive an average loan size of $43,916 while women receive an average loan size of $38,942 – almost $5,000 less (Source.) This is a statistic that drives Carole every day as she speaks to women in business, promotes women entrepreneurs, advocates funding for women in business, and struggles to focus on and draw attention to the inequality that exists between men and women in business. 

7. Just 25% of women business owners seek business financing (Source.) Yet another statistic that drives Carole to continue pushing the importance of fucking and supporting women in business, is that so few female business owners seek business funding for their business ventures. Part of this reason is likely related to the statistic that we mentioned above – if women are aware that they are going to receive less funding and less support as business owners, that is often discouraging enough to persuade these women to drop the idea of business altogether. Those that do pursue their own business anyway are driven to do so in any other way that they can. Carole’s hope is that she can encourage women to pursue all of the funding that is available to male owned businesses and to continue pursuing entrepreneurship and encouraging their daughters to do the same!

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